Monday, 13 August 2012


(from right) Junaidi looking on as Feona handing over a donation to one of the recipients at the ceremony last Saturday evening
The people are reminded not to be easily manipulated as “tools” by some irresponsible parties, disrupting unity among the communities in this country just for their own personal agendas.

Member of Parliament for Santubong Datuk Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said that unity, tolerance and mutual understanding among the varieties of people had been the pillar of strength for this country’s drastic development since we became independent since 50-years ago.

“This country’s peaceful and harmonious atmosphere under the Barisan Nasional (BN) government had enabled Malaysia to continuously strengthen its economic status and maintaining socio-infrastructure-development to grow steadily compared to other developing countries.”

“Lately in these previous years, there had been several attempts by these irresponsible parties to disrupt our country’s prosperity by raising-up many irrelevant issues, some were even quite sensitive and racial-related matters intentionally brought-up to stir up commotion among the people through street demonstrating and rioting.”

Junaidi, who is also Deputy Speaker of Parliament said this in his speech at the “Majlis Berbuka Perdana Bersama Pemimpin Parliament Santubong” Zone Sampadi held at the community hall at Kampung Rambungan at Lundu near the city on Saturday evening.

“We must learn and take examples from the same situation that had been occurring in the other Islam countries in the middle-east and through these series of  “Arab-Spring” rioting, many of these once great Muslim nation and empires, fell one by one by the hand of their own people, all because of the disruptions created by these irresponsible parties.”

Junaidi urged the people to strengthen unity among all the communities, regardless muslim or otherwise, particularly in Holy Ramadhan Mubarak month and to continue to support the government to maintain the peace and harmony in Malaysia’s effort to transform into a developed and high-income country by the year 2020.

During the ceremony, Junaidi, who was accompanied by his wife Datin Hajah Feona Sim Abdullah presented some undisclosed amount of their personal donations to 135 recipients comprising of unfortunate children, single-mothers and elderly folks the village and nearby villages.

Junaidi also pledged RM10,000 fund for the Kampung Rambungan’s JKKKK (RM5,000) and surau’s JKKKK (RM5,000).

At the same evening later, Junaidi and his wife performed their Terawikh prayers at Masjid Darul Ibadah at the nearby Kampung Stoh.

Also present at the ceremony were Pemanca Bujang Jali Haji Man, Penghulu Haji Kipli Haji Dihi, Community Leader Edward Haji Saidi and other distinguished guests.


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