Sunday, 12 August 2012


Junaidi presenting the cheque to one of the recipients while looked on by Feona, Rahman and Rashidi at the ceremony yesterday
To be involved in a field that is less popular or interest by most people is not an unwise decision because if you really confident and interested that certain kind of career, you will surely succeed in the end.

Member of Parliament for Santubong Datuk Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said the most important thing is that you know that you are good in that line of work plus your determination and dedication while carrying out your duty.

“People nowadays should brush-off the old type of mentality and mind-set that their children will follow their footstep in choosing their career and if they are accountants, their children must be in the accounting field, if they are doctors, their children must also be doctors and so on.”

Junaidi, who is also Deputy Speaker of Parliament said this in his speech at Touch-Point and MRP cheque presenting ceremony for Pantai Damai and Demak Laut constituencies which was held at the Yayasan Sarawak at Jalan Sultan Tengah near the city here yesterday morning.

“If your children at their early age showed interest in cooking, music or arts, don’t simply stop or condemn them but instead you should encourage them as they might possibly have natural talents in them and if practiced at the early stages, they might be the best and build a career in that field in the future.”

Exampling the national diver, Sarawakian Pandelela Rinong who recently won a bronze medal at 2012 London Olympics in the Women's 10m Platform, Junaidi said that the diving event is not a popular sport in Malaysia if compared to badminton or football.

“Despite going to the Olympic as an “underdog” where nobody in this world expected that she would win any medal, Pandelela however, gave her very best and performed a world class diving performance, enabling her to snatch the bronze medal.”

“Whoever thought that a teenager from Sarawak, Malaysia could win an Olympic medal, especially in a sport aquatic event which is not popular and highlighted in our country all this while?,” said Junaidi.

“Therefor, if you have the interest in something that is uncommon, you must dare to give it a try as you might know that you might turn to be the best in that field like Pandelela,” he added.

During the ceremony, Junaidi, who was accompanied by his wife Datin Hajah Feona Sim Abdullah presented RM491,050 to 170 individuals and representatives of their respective associations.

Also present at the ceremony were Pantai Damai State Assembly Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, Pemanca Rashidi Junaidi and other distinguished guests.


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