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I have been waiting for ages for the nasty "two Wans surat layang" to appear in the net and at last..come on lah..the person who wrote this surat layang should had done better..nice try, nice cry..To those who are concerned, please do your homework before trying to spin-off some ridiculous tale to smear-up a politician’s image.

Yes, I’m talking about these certain quarters who (I say pathetically) attempted to implicate Member of Parliament for Santubong and also Deputy Speaker of Parliament Datuk Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar and his senior Parliament personal secretary Wan Hamzah Wan Paie taking a RM300K bribe.

The alleged “bribe” was said to be related to the construction of new Kampung Gersik surau which is currently stopped due to some untoward circumstances and this “rumours" had been spreading widely, particularly in Kampung Gersik itself through a “low-class written surat layang” recently.

This irresponsible person, should I say “stupid person”, made his first blunder when alleging that the owner of the company Cahaya Bidara Sdn Bhd, named Norizam Bujang who was said to be “a close acquaintance” of Wan Hamzah and their friendship had managed him to obtain the tender.

Well, it turned up that this Norizam, the previous owner of the company had left the company in October 2010 BEFORE Cahaya Bidara Sdn Bhd was given the tender of the project.

Secondly, Datuk Wan never blamed JKR for wrongly choosing the site for the surau construction as alleged in the letter because the site was perfect for the construction as planned. Datuk Wan only expressed his regret that JKR had not taken early action on the company instead of just giving them (the company) warnings after realizing the project was way behind schedule.

Thirdly, the baseless “surat layang’ said that there is an electric cable under the site hence no structure could be built on the site however, it turned out that the electric cables are only “spare electric cables” just in case the area nearby Kampung Gersik expended and needed extra some extra electricity and the government just needs to “plug-in” or connect electricity through it an yes, a structure could be built on it on condition, the cables are intact and not punctured by the pilings.

Lastly, its normal for a company having a financial hiccup and requested an extension period from the government to complete the project tendered to them.

Datuk Wan Junaidi is a veteran politican, and had given up more than 20-years of his life just to give his services to the people of Santubong and Batang Lupar, please tell me how many projects that are in his areas that are intentionally delayed or abandoned? Datuk Wan had brought million and millions of ringgit of projects to develop his constituency. Why must he wish to tarnish his “legacy” now?

My best guess is this baseless and ill-intentioned surat layang is a political motivated, an attempt to smear Datuk Wan’s image especially Malaysia on the verge on its 13th GE..now who are you going to believe? Datuk Wan who had brought so many developments, literally including most of the basic facilities you and your families are using now or some cowardly person who is poking in the dark hoping to hit at least a person or two?

PS: Oh ya nearly forgot, Wan Hamzah had already lodged a police report on the surat layang thingy last week.


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