Wednesday, 15 August 2012


The High profile policing program is to give confidence to the member of the public on their safety and security with the presence of the police hence, preventing criminals from taking the opportunity to commit any crime.

KDN Bukit Aman Director Dato’ Wira Salleh Mat Rasid said that the program involves the highest level of police including the Inspector General of Police to go down and meet the people on the streets.

“The main objective of the program is to know the safety level first hand from the feedback of the public themselves as it is very important that we have a direct feedback from the people.”

Salleh said this to reporters after attending the High profile policing program launched at the Bazaar Ramadan at Pasar Stutong near the city here yesterday afternoon.

“From my conversations with all the business operators here, all had informed me that they feel safe and nothing to worry while operating their business here,”’ he added.

Salleh disclosed that the credit of that should not be given to the police however, it is because of the cooperation from the public had enable the police to do their work providing a safe atmosphere for everyone.

“This also includes the personnel of the local authorities and other relevant government agencies and departments,” he said adding that so far, he is satisfied with all the feedbacks that he had received.

Salleh reminded that close relationship and cooperation among the community and police is very important therefor, both parties should continue the good relationship as crime prevention is fully the police responsibility but also the public’s.

Salleh is scheduled to perform the breaking of fast ceremony at the Sarawak Brigade yesterday and also present were Sarawak Commissioner of Police Datuk Acryl Sani and other senior police officers from various police departments.


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