Saturday, 4 February 2012


Junaidi with Hazland greetings the BR1M recipients here on Thursdays
PAKATAN Rakyat (PR) will always try to discredit and go against whatever things that BN brings to the people, that would even come to the extend to look you straight into your eyes and lie to condemning on all BN programs even though, our programs have positive impact to the people..that's just the typical attitude of the oppositions.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Datuk Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar disclosed in response on  the bad and negative images and wild assumptions on the BR1M program alleged by the opposition such the aid are “Election Candies” and he described them (the opposition) as “desperately in need of a realistic matter“, to be raised-up as an issue.

“The BN Government had started giving out varieties of assistances ever since day on we become be government long time ago and for BN, assisting the people and providing development to the “rakyat” is BN’s on-going practices all the time, not only during the Election as claimed by the opposition.”

“Compared to Pakatan Rakyat (PR-opposition), who relentlessly, in many occasions were caught red-handed for making promises-later-turn-lied here just for sake to be popular or intended to fish out for publicities and to make matter worse, some of them even had the nerve to lie even more.”

“Thankfully, BN Government is obviously far superior beyond level (lying to the people) while on the other hand, all this while, BN never promises on what we’re not confident or sceptical to fulfil.”

“We don’t want to play with the people’s feeling, disappointing them after visioning them with high expectations, that is so wrongful  and merciless,  and that’s the obvious difference between BN and PR,” he added.

"They (PR) are the biggest liars, when you talk about liars," added Junaidi, who is also Member of Parliament for Santubong.

Junaidi also thanked the government agencies and departments, including the Kuching Resident Office, In-Land Revenue, Santubong Parliament Service Centre, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and other for their cooperation that had enabled the success of the series BR1M’s payment sessions especially for the areas in the city here.

He earlier presented the BR1M vouchers to 1,555 recipients  who then immediately cashed it at a mobile BSN counter stationed specially in the Malaysia Productivity Cooperation’s (MPC) hall in Demak Laut near the city here where the payment was made on last Thursday.

Also present at the BR1M presentation to the Santubong community were Junaidi’s wife Datin Hajah Feona Sim, Demak Laut State Assemblyman Dr Hazland Abang Hipni, Kuching Resident Abdul Rahman Sebli, BSN State director Haji Zawawi Nor and several other invited distinguished guests.


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