Thursday, 18 October 2012


The BrandLaureate Brand Icon Leadership Awards 2012 literally turned into an all  “Sarawak-occasion” with a handful Sarawakians led by Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Taib Mahmud Taib himself winning the prestige acknowledgment.

Taib was awarded with BrandLaureate’s highest and prominent BrandLaureate Legendry Brand Icon Leadership Award which is conferred to individuals whose achievements and contributions have a profound impact on the nation and society.

The auspicious and grand event was held at the Sunway Lagoon Resort and Spa here and was attended by more than 500 distinguished guests recently earlier this month.

BrandLaureate’s President Dr KK Johan in his speech when announcing the Chief Minister as the recipient of the award said that Taib is a visionary who defies all odds to champion for the causes they consider worthwhile whom are are legends who leave lasting legacies that enrich the lives of the people and Taib exemplifies all that is mentioned above.

“Taib is decribed as an outstanding leadership and contribution to the state and nation as the Chief Minister of Sarawak is highly praiseworthy and under his iconic leadership, Sarawak has emerged from a rural economy to a modern robust state.”

“He has been instrumental in navigating the growth of Sarawak with the implementation of innovative proposals and policies.”

“With the launching of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy in 2007, Sarawak is heading to the era of massive industrialisation and implementation of High Income Economy,” he added.
 It is one of the five regional development corridors that is being developed throughout the country to achieve a balanced development within the nation towards the year 2020 and beyond.

It involves the development of human capital and research development capabilities, escalating growth in rural areas, capitalising on energy resources, engaging the private sector in development, enhancing the quality of life and improving the implementation of machinery and delivery system of both the public and private sectors.

For the past two decades, Sarawak’s GDP has been a steady growth concurrently making it the state with the third largest GDP growth in the country. In terms of per capita income, it is the largest in Malaysia, thus making Sarawakians the richest in Malaysia.

The state’s economy has expanded from primary commodities into manufacturing, services, tourism, IT, education and others. Foreign investment has grown tremendously, due the favourable policies and investment climate. Major infrastructure projects have led to the opening and development of Sarawak, thus spurring further the economic growth.

The success of Sarawak has been due to Pehin Seri Haji Abdul Taib’s visionary foresight and passion in developing the state to be the best. Indisputably, Pehin Seri Abdul Taib is the architect of modern Sarawak.

As the Chief Minister of Sarawak, he has met many challenges but has displayed remarkable strength and sterling leadership to overcome these obstacles. His enterprising spirit and tenacity inspires and highly admired by all. He is a leader who believes in transforming the world to be a better place and a role model to all Malaysians and the world.   

Taib who was accompanied by his wife Puan Seri Ragad Kurdi Taib to the event received a 24K soild gold award among those Sarawakians than won other categories were Dato’ Sri Mohd Effendi  Norwawi, Dato Seri Ckemet Hii Chii Kok, Pandelela Rinong Pamg and singer Zee Avi.

Also present at the event were Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jjabu and his wife, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Abang Haji Open, BrandLaureate Chairman General Tan Sri Dr Mohammed Hasyim Mohd Ali and others.


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