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The Sarawak Regatta 2012 which will be held on the forthcoming 14 to 16 September, this year is expected to be much more lively and to be held at larger and grander scale than before with the anticipation by the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism and Sarawak Tourism Department.

Permanent Secretary to Sarawak Ministry of Tourism Datuk Ik Pahon Jowik said that to make the Regatta will be a bit fun and merrier for the tourist and all, two additional category involving the participants by the tourist themselves.

“For the first time ever, both the Tourism Ministry and Tourism Department will anticipated inSarawak Regatta however, bringing in a new twist in the boat racing events where it would involves the interested tourist taking part in it so that they would not only watch the races as before this but actually feel the enthusiasm of actual race.”

“We believed that through this actual racing experiences, it would in a way would add up an additional attraction or highlight in the tourism events in listed the Sarawak calendar thus boosting our tourism industry.”

“Although there is a slight increase of the entrance fees, the overall cash prizes in this year’s Sarawak Regatta have also been topped-up to RM180,000 compared to last year’s RM166,000 therefore we expected they would be more participation by the teams and paddlers,” he said disclosing that last year’s event recorded 352 team with 6,848 paddlers taking part in the races.

“Two significant changes taken were, the center stage would be erected behind the clock tower and the length of race-course  would be set at 2,000-metre instead of the usual 1,800- metre course to test to the limit of the teams' endurances and fighting spirits,” said Pahon this to reporters at the press conferences on the Sarawak Regatta 2012 which was held at the Resident’s office near the city yesterday morning.

“To attract more tourist, another additional feature had been included in the Sarawak Regatta which is the “Cooperate Seats” where about 200 seats would be sold at a price which had not been determined yet guaranteeing the person with the shaded seat will have see, hear and experience the entire races at their pleasure and leisure without being hassled in the mob the people,” he said adding soft drink and LCD screen will be provided to them at the seats.

The registration form will be available from 8am on 1st August  2012 at the Sarawak River Board, 1st and 2nd Floor, Electra House, Power Street, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak. (Tel: 082-234092/082- 234096) Contact person: Haji Yusoff Sanusi or Roslan Nasron (Tel: 082: 207101) while the date to submit it will be before 12 noon on 30th August at the same venue.

The drawing and briefing will be held on 7th September at a venue and time that would announced later, disclosed Pahon pointing out that the Sarawak Regatta is one of earliest recorded water event in this region recorded in history backdating to 1872 therefor, his hopes that this year’s Sarawak Regatta will be grander and livelier than ever.

Sarawak Regatta in 1960
Disclosing that yesterday’s was only initial press conference, Pahon assured that Sarawak Minister of Tourism and Housing Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Abang Haji Openg will hold another main press conference on the Sarawak Regatta in a more tedious details in the near future which would be determine and announce.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Riverboard Controller William Jenit meanwhile explained that this year’s Sarawak Regatta comprises of 15 respective categories of races compared to 16 categories listed in last year’s Regatta.

“The categories and entrance fees are as follows; Men’s Perahu Balok 7 paddlers (RM80), BIMP EAGA and SOSEK MALINDO Perahu Kenyalang 7 paddlers (RM50), Women’s Perahu Balok 10 paddlers (RM115), Open Perahu Kenyalang 20 paddlers International (RM250) and Perahu Kenyalang 20 paddlers Inter Versity (RM345),” he said.

He also explained that on the Perahu Bidar respective categories and entrance fees which are; Men’s 15 paddlers (RM170), Mixed 15 paddlers (RM170), Men’s Bidar 20 paddlers (RM230), Government and Corporate Agencies 20 paddlers (RM345), Men’s 20 paddlers Inter Division (RM345), Men’s 30 paddlers VIP (RM500), Hotel and Tour Agencies 30 paddlers (RM500) and Men’s 30 paddlers (RM345).”

William disclosed that the two new additional categories which Pahon had earlier described were the Perahu Tambang (A small Local Taxi River) 7 people race (A Perahu Tambang operator plus six tourist-free) and Perahu kenyalang 20 paddlers Tourist (ten male and five female tourists plus four local paddlers and one flag barrier- RM50).

Sarawak Regatta was first held in 1872
“The prizes, for the Minister of Tourism Sarawak Challenge Trophy and Minister of Tourist Malaysia Challenge Trophy would be sponsored by the Tourism Ministry and Department with the hotels in this city,” he said adding that there is also prizes for the most decorated Perahu Tambang.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Principal Assistant Director Ambun Dindan who was also present later disclosed that in conjunction with the Sarawak Regatta, MOSTI will also organize a Science Carnival near the venue.

“The Science Carnival comprises several Science and Innovative programs and would be opened to the public,” he added.

Other side events are: at 2pm on 14th September 2012 the Kuching Waterfront various Modern and Traditional Water Sport will be showcased while in the evening on the same day from 7pm to 11pm, an entertainment segment; Pentasrama will be shown at Main Stage.

The next day, (15th Sept) on 8am to 11am and 2pm-5pm at the same venue more  Modern and Traditional Water Sport will be showcase while on the evening of that day between 7pm to 110pm at Main Stage, a Cultural Show and Ratu Kebaya Regatta will be held.

FOR SARAWAK REGATTA 2012 (second left).. Ik Pahon receiving the mock-cheque from Kueh Thian Hee while looked on by (centre) Abdul Rahman, (right) Ambun and (left) William at the press conference yesterday
The last day (16th Sept) from 9am to 11pm at Kuching Waterfront more of Modern and Traditional Water Sport action and the last event of the Regatta between 7pm to 11pm at Main Stage, a Regatta Talent Search and Concert and during these three days a  Food Fair by DBKU will be also be organized.

Later, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd Deputy Region Manager Sarawak Kueh Thian Hee who’s subsidiary company 100 plus is the main sponsor of the Sarawak Regatta 2012 symbolically presented a mock-cheque to Ik Pahon.

Chairing the press conference was Kuching Resident Abdul rahman sebli Senusi and also present was his deputy Zamahari Haji Saidi.

A bird's view of Kuching Town i& the Sarawak river in the mid 20th century

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