Sunday, 23 October 2011


DESPITE of the alleged attempts to "sabotage" Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) President Tan Sri Datuk Sri William Mawan Ikom's visit to Ulu Teru 23rd October (today), Mawan bravely instructed that the "show must go on" for him to meet the people there.

Earlier on Friday, SPDP's Deputy Secretary General Paul Igai had stated that the President will be visiting Ulu Teru as scheduled after being given "clearance" by the police who was said to had been surveying and studying the area for any would be "potential threats" on Mawan and his group during the visit.

According to a post posted in audie61 blog, “Eventhough the root of the problem in SPDP ‘security threat” has been identified the authorities concerned are not taking any chances on the visit of SPDP President William Mawan together with MP Baram Jacob Sagan and his entourage to Ulu Teru for a function on 23rd October 2011.

A transport coordinator told audie61 that over 40 four wheel vehicles will make their journey to Marudi and there will also be party supporters coming all the way from as far as Kuching. The people from outside are mainly the Supreme Council,Divisional leaders and exco’s from various divisions of SPDP throughout the state. A local crowd of over 3000 is anticipated to welcome the President for this official function. This is also to launch the SPDP Baram parliamentary election machinery.

Earlier a police report was recorded from Henry Gomes,the chieftain of Kampung Mission Ulu Teru in tinjar Baram District and community leaders Abuk Jabu together with Kalang Amin who were held up in a room against their wishes to sign a prepared statement to stop Mawan from attending the function.

Henry told the press,”I said I did not want to sign,but the leader said we had to.Abuk and Kalang were also forced to sign”

“In view of the disagreements involved in the political war of words the police are not taking any chances and are ready for any eventualities. There are conflicting reports on the ground that another group is looking at ways to disrupt the function and they have been told that it is not wrong to “shout abuses and do some heckling behind to provoke the situation,” 

This is completely normal in political rallies anywhere in the world but it will be among the first to happen in this peaceful area of Ulu Teru if it happens. The SPDP5 are getting desperate and they are slowly penned in and they will resort to whatever means and ways to score some political points, posted audie61.

Mawan had made his move and "checked" SPDP5, UnReportedNews™® wonders what's their next move going to be or either Mawan had "check-mated" them or they have other "contingency-moves" after this tucked under their sleeves.


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