Friday, 21 October 2011


SARAWAK Progressive Democratic People’s (SPDP) Party President Tan Sri Dato Sri Mawan Ikom (pic) held an “emergency meeting” at his house at Stapok, Batu Kawa near the city here on Thursday evening.

Although it was a “closed-door meeting”, a source close to Mawan told UnReportedNews™® that among the main issue discussed in the meeting was on the proposal for postponing of the Ulu Teru function which was supposed to be scheduled to be held sometime next week due to “security aspect”.

The source also disclosed that among those attending the meeting were the SPDP members and close aides to the President.

“There was however, some differences of opinion regarding on the proposal to postpone the Ulu Teru visit,” said the source adding some suggested that the Ulu Teru function must proceed as postponing it has “negative implications” while some thought the otherwise.

“SPDP has not called off the (Ulu Teru) function yet but the party are trying to verify the security aspect in the area on Friday (21st October) and they will be working with the police to verify security aspect first as there is a doubt as to an allegation of threat involved,” added the source.

UnReportedNews™® however, could not verify whether any police report was already lodged or otherwise by the President’s quarters regarding to the alleged “threat” incident.

Several hours earlier, a pro-Mawan blog posted that the Ulu Teru function scheduled to be headed by Mawan with the Member of Parliament for Baram Jacob Sagan and his supporters to Marudi on this coming 23rd of October 2011 has been postponed.

It was also said that the function was called off by the Special Branch (SB) police as there is a possibility of a “threat” to the President and his entourage.

According to the blog, a reliable source disclosed that the SB had also called Member Parliament for Mas Gading Dr Tiki Lafe and Tasik Biru States Assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian to their office after receiving a directive from the Bukit Aman SB.

Despite these “obstacles”, Mawan was said still keen to go ahead with the program however, decided to postpone it until being given “clearance” by the police. 

Until press time, Mawan has yet to give any official statement regarding on the meeting at his house.


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