Thursday, 6 November 2014

LIVE From Putrajaya: Nak Kelirukan Guna Sampel Label

Jam 1215: Ram Karpal guna hujah orang salah pilih sampel

1213 Ramkarpal & judges discussing the labelling by Dr & relabelling by IO as to whether chemist would know where the swabs were taken.

4 Drs said no penetration. Saiful was not sodomised.

Jabatan Kimia's guidelines were not followed & it is all the more crucial in technical matters like DNA analysis. Even prosecution did not say that guidelines were followed but argued that guidelines need not be followed, only guidelines. Setting bad precedent if Jab Kimia's own guidelines need not be followed. People would be hanged, jailed based on bad reports.

12.12pm: Ram notes that what the HKL doctors had labelled on the sample is different.

This is because DSP Jude had relabelled them when he cut open the big plastic bag containing the HKL samples at his office.

Justice Abdull Hamid asks based on (chemist) Seah's analysis and what the HKL doctors testified that there could be penetration, could it have been heresay evidence.

Ram agrees.

This reinforces what we say that they cannot be the same samples, as Saiful was not sodomised, adds the lawyer.

 12.20pm: Ram warns that chemist guidelines should be followed and a copy should be made available to the defence.

The effect of not giving the guidelines will result in people being convicted of murder or other crimes just because the department does not want to give the guidelines or they (chemists) do not follow them, he adds.

Jam 1215: Ram Karpal buat2 tak faham hujah  

1213: Shafee is not a Dr - he cant give evidence from the bar that Saiful was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Ramkarpal - Dr's pro forma form said coitus lasted 30 mins - not that whole incident, shower etc lasted 30 mins as submitted by Shafee.

Jam 1200 Dengan harapan ujian DNA tak diterima, Ram Karpal cuba nak persoal samada ada penetrasi pula. Kalau DNA ada, takyah kot hujah penetrasi ni ... Sg BUloh saja!

1201: Ramkarpal - there was no proof of penetration & thus no offence. Semen in anus is a red herring. Samples contaminated, analysis flawed.

Ramkarpal - all Drs found Saiful's anus as normal, no penetration. Doubt as to whether KY jelly was even used.

12 noon: Now, Ram submits on the issue of penetration.

He says there is no medical evidence to suggest previous encounters.

He (Shafee) was just giving a statement from the bar, says the defence lawyer.

"Previous encounter should not be taken into consideration that penetration did take place," he adds.

What is important, he says, is that four doctors (one from Pusrawi) and three from HKL said there was no penetration.

Shafee had pointed to Saiful's testimony that Anwar ejaculated inside his anus "as always".

12.07pm: Hence, Ram says there is the question whether actual penetration took place. - Unspinner


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