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Associations of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was its Secretary General His Excellency Dr. Surin Pitsuwan during his meeting with Chief Minister Pehin Seri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud in the presence of Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hasan


“A well-structured development plan that places renewable energy as the basis for further diversification of Sarawak’s industrial base and acceleration of our economic growth.”

Sarawak is fortunate of having a huge hydropower potential that can be developed to generate up to 20,000 megawatts of electricity by the year 2030; Coal energy adds a further 8,000 megawatts to the mix.

In another word, Sarawak is certainly the critical new frontier for the further growth of the Malaysian economy and undeniably, Sarawak has the geographical size and abundant natural resources to contribute to the sustainable growth of the Malaysian economy as the nation aspires to achieve a high-income and advanced economy by the year 2020.

The fundamental attractiveness of SCORE among global investors is our hydroelectric power potential and with the attraction afforded by hydroelectric power is that its cost of production is stable in the long run, and is green and renewable.

Sarawak offers the advantage of power supply that is very competitive, not only in terms of price but also more importantly in respect of our ability to build a steady growth of power supply to generate sufficient energy to meet the current and future demands from the off takers especially energy intensive industries through systematic development of more power generating facilities.

The opportunities in SCORE come from the opening up of new geographical areas through our greenfield development, the provision of key infrastructures and utilities, creating new industrial sites and encouraging new fields of study and training.

What makes SCORE unique is that it aims to bring Sarawak to new frontiers that would help provide more knowledge and skills to our workforce as needed by the industries, generate higher incomes and ultimately create more wealth and prosperity to our people.

SCORE also serves to spur creativity and innovation to develop Sarawak’s human capital and creating highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, the utmost priority to technical education and training to ensure that we are able to widen our pool of highly-skilled workforce to sustain the growth trajectory for the future.

For the Public Sector Facilitates and Private Sector implements, Taib said that in order to push Sarawak up the economic value chain, the State has to be linked to the rest of the world in the global supply chain therefore, industries that are high in value-added and being at the forefront of technological innovation are welcomed and encouraged.

The presence of these world class industries will ultimately position Sarawak to compete well at the global level as the key to economic growth is the enabling roles of the public sector to facilitate sustainable private investment, and the key to high income is private investments with high productivity growth.

“Efforts are being made to transform the service delivery of the public sector in Sarawak to become world-class and high performing teams and this is done with the expressed intention of serving our customers, especially investors, in the most efficient and effective manner.”

“The magnitude of SCORE’s development plan is tremendous as we have estimated that the total investment for its complete fruition by the year 2030 is at 110 billion US dollars and the Government has pledged to contribute 20 per cent towards this cost, in terms of the fundamental enablers such as infrastructure and human capital development.”

Taib, again pointed out his objective and purpose coming to Doha to urge for the investing community, especially investors from GCC Countries, to bring in capital investment to contribute towards the remaining 80 per cent or approximately 88 billion US dollars.

“Currently, the value of total private investments approved in SCORE is very encouraging and on target at 9.5 billion US dollars; a considerable amount has been approved at Samalaju Industrial Park. Out of this, 700 million U.S. dollars have been approved at Tanjung Manis Halal Hub.”

Meanwhile, the Samalaju Industrial Park is being developed as the centre for heavy, capital and energy intensive industries such as metal-based (aluminium, manganese and steel), glass-based (polycrystalline silicon and metallic silicon), and oil-based (refinery chemicals and other liquids).

“The investment opportunities in Samalaju Industrial Park are significantly for heavy and energy intensive industries as these trigger projects have extensive industrial clusters and supporting industries.”

Upon completion, the Samalaju Industrial Park, with a designated area of 8,000 hectares, will be the biggest in Malaysia and being a pioneer project, the Sarawak Government has expedited the initiation of development for Samalaju Industrial Park.

This includes the provision of key infrastructure especially a dedicated port, utilities, telecommunications facilities and a modern new township and these facilities are designed and developed not only to meet the requirements of the investors but also to make sure that you have a comfortable stay in Sarawak.

Although preparatory works on the ground are in progress, Samalaju’s comparative advantages have already attracted big investors and currently we have approved 12 projects with total investment of 8.74 billion US Dollars and are expected to generate 12,912 jobs opportunities and of these investments, five have already taken off.

“The continued increase in population and consumption growth will lead to the increase demand for food globally however, our ability to produce food is adversely affected with stiff competition for utilisation of natural resources such as land, water, energy and more importantly due to climate change”

Sarawak are very fortunate as it is blessed with vast natural resources especially large tract of suitable land and supply of water, which are critical for the production of food and for this purpose we have designated many areas for food production in the State including the development of Tanjung Manis Halal Hub.  

Sarawak is in the position to contribute in addressing issues related to food security therefore, we would like to welcome investors in the development of our land for the production and supply of foods to meet the global demand. 

Source: New Sarawak Tribune

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