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To allow the fishermen to enjoy the "maximum profit" instead of only getting a "small piece" of the action, the fishermen through the Ministry of Argiculture and Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) need to find a solution of not using any middle-men services.

Member of Parliament for Santubong Datuk Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said that they manage to find a formula where the fishermen can directly sell their fishes to the fishmonger at the market, the fishermen will enable to get more profit plus the price of the fishes in the market would be lesser.

"The fishermen and all relevant agencies should take the initiatives of sitting down together finding a solution to lessen of using the services of the middle-man whom I am sadly to say, made a 50 per cent  or even 100 per cent profit after the fishes exchange hands."

"Bear in mind , that you (the fishermen) are the one who are risking your lives against the unmerciful sea yet at the end of the day, you are the one who gets the minimum profit out of the entire deal," reminded Junaidi.

Junaidi, who is also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament made this suggestion during his speech during the presentation of Fishermen's Liiving Allowances ceremony and launching of the Fishermen's House Repairing Programe yesterday morning.

During the ceremony which was held at Dewan Sri Buntal at Kampung Buntal near the city here, he presented RM61,300 of monthly living allowances to 309 fishermen, comprising of 257 from PNK Buntal and 58 from PNK Satang Biru.

"The fishermen folks are among those groups of people whom the government had given the priority to recieve varieties of assistance including monthly living allowances, subsidsed fuel, equipments and the recently introduced house repairing assistance," he said.

"The main objective fior these assistances is because the Barisan Nasional (BN) government under the leadership Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak realises the hardship and challenging life face by them."

"The why the government continues to give-out these assistances to reduce and bear the people's burdens as we move on forward to become a developed and high-income country by the year 2020."

Later, Junaidi took a  500 metres walk to the house belonging to 55-year-old Jamali Rosli who was listed in the Fishermen's House Repairing Programe where he symbolically painted Jamali's house to launch the program.

Disclosing that the program for his Santubong Parliamentary Constituency cost around RM3.8 million, Junaidi added that for the first and second phase, the government had allocated RM1.6 million to repair 90 units of houses (50 fishermen from PNK Buntal and 40 units of houses from PNK Satang Biru).

Jamali, who was obviously overwhelmed by the contsruction progress of the repairs on his house expressed his graditudes to the BN government particularly Datuk Wan Junaidi himself who had taken the initiatives in helping the fishermen folks leading to the program to be introduced.

Also present at the ceremony were Pemanca Rashidi Junai, Sarawak LKIM Deputy Director II Ahim Noh, PNK Buntal Chairman Ariffin Munir, PNK Satang Biru Chairman Bohari Ganti and Kampung Buntal villagehead Madali Sah.    


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