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Junaidi (second) left watching as a doctor treating a patient while looked on by Hasagaya at the venue yesterday

The people are reminded take care of their health while  performing their daily chores or working by taking annual medical check-ups to be aware of our physical condition as to ignore them care affect us in our old ages.

Member of Parliament for Santubong Datuk Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said this adding that with the present world nowadays where people are busy with the daily life and chore, they tend to forget aboyt taking care of their health.

"Many people take for granted of their health during their younger year however, upon reaching some stage, they would start to feel the affect of not taking care of their health and body however, it might be a little late for prevention accept for "curing"," he added.

Junaidi, who is also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament said this in his speech at the opening ceremony of the three-day "Projek Jiwa Murni 2012" (Dental and Medical Treatment) jointly organised by Santubong Parliamentary Service Centre and Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) at Kampung Tanah Hitam, Sematan Lundu whcih started yesterday morning.

According to Junaidi, the is the second series of such programme with ATM where it's main objective is to give free dental checking and treatment, medical ceck-ups and educating the people the importance of taking care of their health and body.

"We expect about 600 people will take the opportunity to come here to have these free services for the people within this three day and I would like to thank the ATM medical unit for their generous and and Medivaat that moment."

Eight dental medical staffers from ATM and Sarawak Health Departnt (Dental Unit) have been assigned at the three day to provide the free services to the people and for those interested for a check-up, the even is held at the Kampung Tanah Hitam Hall till Thursday.

Earlier during the same function, Junaidi presented 266 unit of 1Malaysia computer to the people in Sematan.

Speaking to UnReportedNews™® later, he disclosed that the computer presenting was the third phase conducted in his Santubong Parliamentary constituency and up-to-date a total of 2,200 units of computers had been distributed in his area this year.

"Providing computers to the ordianary people is apart of the vision of our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to equip them with internet knowledge in line so that they would not left out behind in term of technology." 

Also present at the ceremony were ATM Dental Service Director Major General Dato' Syukri Hussin, Panglima 3 Brigade Brigadier General Hasayagaya Abdullah, representative from the sarawak Health Department and other distinguished guests.


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